Where does my Inspiration Come From

My love for backcountry skiing begun when my dad brought be along on an easy tour on Snowbird ground before opening day. Those were the days when the snow fell at Thanksgiving and sometime Halloween. 

With the ski season pushing towards the new year every year we have time for training and I find myself focused on peak bagging. In other words - climbing to the tops of really high mountains, every week.

I’d love to design modern yurts for a backcountry ski company or anything winter and ski sport related. That would be awesome.

I have the best backyard anyone could ask for. The Wasatch Mountain Range. Inspiration flourishes in these mountains. The more I explore my list of peaks to climb extends.

During the winter I tour these mountains and ski down them. This is the most physically demanding activity I’ve ever endured and for some reason its addicting.

Nature has been a thread in my entire life history. My father took us on grueling back packing trips and I love them. One time, he lead the boy scouts somewhere into the Uintah’s on a back packing trip and a good majority of the group boycotted because it was too difficult. Thats the household I grew up in. We were always doing difficult things.

My parents taught us the value of hard work.


MY Pursuits

In the Spring of 2019 I plan to take the NCIDQ exam. Passing this exam would provide professional licensure in the state of Utah which is brand new legislature. Interior designers can register for a license number but it is not required in Utah. IIDA is in the early stages of developing professional standings and licenses that qualify interior designers as professionals.

Other Things I do:

200 hour Certified Yoga instructor - 2015 Schwinn Master Cycle Instructor Certified - 2015

Alpine Training
Wasatch Maven Backcountry Course - 2019 Avalanche Training Level 1 - 2018

CPR and Heart Saver Certification - 2017

2018 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007 - 207 miles

Coca Cola Cup
1995 Bronze
1994 Silver

Little Red
2018 / 2015 / 2014 - 100 miles

San Diego Marathon
4hrs 20 minutes 2002

High Uintah Classic
1rst Place, Queen of the Mountain Pass - 2005

Sand Hollow Triathalon
1rst Place, Female, category - 2014 Olympic distance


The Last Ride from Logan

I always knew there would come a day when my Dad no longer lead the ride. This year we road Lotoja together and perhaps for the last time. Riding with my Dad is a past time favorite.

— A.H 2018

Radio Name

I love coffee way too much. My sweet sweet boyfriend bought me a pale yellow camp style mug with the words Honeysuckle. Turns out Honeysuckle is his favorite coffee shop and also my radio name

— A.H 2018

Perfect Timing

I finally decided to call for help when I had 8% battery life. I didn’t want to admit I was lost with Gus and Lugar in the Wasatch backcountry. I calculated a 120 minute exit strategy - get to the highway in 2 hours where your ride will drive by and save you. With my cell phone dying, the timing at which we cross paths would have to be perfect. — A.H .


Spend quality time everyday

-Amber Hobbs